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She actually works in the virtual sports betting industry in Africa and she introduced me to this website, ParisvirtuelsAfrique.com which is why I am doing a review about it.
Paris Virtuels Afrique is a wonderful website that introduces to the world the joy of virtual sports betting.50.40 The website is very well made using a WordPress theme and easy to use as the navigation is very simple yet detailed at the same time.

This is more of a news and informational website about sports an sports betting in Africa.re.kr They do have a nice website for those that are looking for a place to gamble in Africa.

In addition, they offer a gambling tutorial section which is great for people that are new to virtual sports betting. All of the tutorials are very well made and easy to understand. They have several types of tutorials available from how to bet on sports, how to play casino games and a gambling strategy section.
The website must be made for a male audience as I noticed that they have a sexy girls section which features several beautiful women from Africa or with African roots. Each featured sexy girl comes complete with a biography and pictures of them!

Another nice feature of this website is that they have a section where they tell you which websites are the best for sports betting as well as a section for the best betting software. This part of the website is divided into several subsections which tells you which website is best in different categories which include, casino, virtual sports betting, countries and so on.

For those looking for a sports betting promotion, they also have a section that gives you the latest sports betting bonuses, gifts and promotions from bookmakers all over the world.

The only drawback is that the website is only in French which sucks for the people that do not speak and read French. Hopefully they will make their site multi-lingual in the near future.

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